Strength Diet Template

Strength Diet Template

£ 50.00

A easy to use custom diet template that is designed for you to lose fat and gain muscle. Designed to meet your current body composition and achieve your goals i.e. mass, maintain or cut.

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Product Information

The template is built using your sex, height, current weight, an estimate of your body fat and your desired goal i.e. mass, maintain or cut weight.

It provides a detailed breakdown of your calorie requirements, macro nutrient breakdown, meal timing and supplementation.

Included with the template is our eBook that explains how to use the template and the principles of eating for performance and body composition changes.

The strength diet template includes:

  • Meal timing options to suit you're training times
  • A seperate template for non-training days
  • Automatic adjustment options
  • Detailed eBook
  • Email support